The Politics of the Good

Politics is neither agreement nor compromise; it is instead the struggle for the good.

The following articles are borne out of a deep discontentment with any political theory post-Nietzsche. We split the atom and now cannot put humpty dumpty back together again. Here is but a humble attempt to reimagine political theory and bring it into the realm of virtue and wonder. A lot of this will seem mystical or esoteric, but I try my best to explain that ideas have literal weight in spacetime. Once regal and honorable words such as patriotism, America, flag, national anthem, human rights, constitution, authority, honor, trust, respect, love have been thrown into disrepute and used for nefarious purposes by both sides of the spectrum. I seek to find a word that will be next to impossible to corrupt and which instead can draw us upwards not left or right. We do not live on a left or right spectrum; instead we live in a transcendent reality whereby we should be looking upwards not across the aisle.

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