Excerpt 4 from an upcoming novel which may or may not ever finish.

Milieu He stopped believing in God once. It lasted a full morning. She was happy and secure once in the plastic garden of sterile comfort. Then the cancer struck her father, struck her family and the families entwined into her family and into the closely knit community masquerading as a church, struck with an almightyContinue reading “Excerpt 4 from an upcoming novel which may or may not ever finish.”

He is and He is here and He is here now

Write, he thought. Write of the years gone by, when things were bleak and hopeless, write as much as you can about them now, because soon they will be impossible to recall with an emotional vividness, soon they will be drowned out in an ocean of joy. Write those scenes, those moments of the darknessContinue reading “He is and He is here and He is here now”

Blessed are those who wash their robes

There was an almighty roar of chaos, and the dragon struggled mightily against its chains. Mountains fled and men hid, and still the man fought mightily against his demons, growing stronger and stronger as the name of Christ reverberated from his lips throughout the abyss. And at the crescendo of chaos, somehow a small stillContinue reading “Blessed are those who wash their robes”