Excerpt 3 from an upcoming novel

Mountains of Dimpled Sunlight They all sat around the table, wishing they could string a coherent thought together. One of them had a Bible, for that was all they could do now, just ape in ever more disparate fashion the coming of the glory of the Lord. Let’s free the man, they said in unison.Continue reading “Excerpt 3 from an upcoming novel”

Excerpt 2 of an upcoming novel

The Next Morning The darkening night is as the day to the Lord of Hosts, to the Lamb who was slain from the beginning of the world. The next morning he awoke sluggishly with the excuse of his malaise resting in several too many drinks. He sat up and turned to see her resting peacefullyContinue reading “Excerpt 2 of an upcoming novel”

Excerpt 1 from an upcoming novel

And he thought at times that this pain and this suffering was already over, that the Kingdom of God was already at hand. And yet God, behold that Lamb of God the maker of all things new, was doing a great thing. And a great thing started to approach in thunder and winds of terror;Continue reading “Excerpt 1 from an upcoming novel”

He is and He is here and He is here now

Write, he thought. Write of the years gone by, when things were bleak and hopeless, write as much as you can about them now, because soon they will be impossible to recall with an emotional vividness, soon they will be drowned out in an ocean of joy. Write those scenes, those moments of the darknessContinue reading “He is and He is here and He is here now”