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Images from childhood keep flashing forth, brief and unadulterated; they are connected to our primordial melancholy—that which was once perfect now tinged irrevocably with doubt and despair. The marsh of the Denbigh River in all its filthy glory fills my nostrils. The river, winding in steep curves back and forth, goes out of its wayContinue reading “Imaged”


What is it like to come of age in a society and a culture that is already dead? Could the rotting corpse in which you grew up be more palatable and soothing even if you became aware of what a corpse is? Here is a time and a history in which the people live offContinue reading “Bare”

An eternal unease drifts by and remembers its origin within

The mind, the mind is powerful. They are drunk with the power their own narratives afford them. And heaving, man vomits his unquenchable desires, uncertain love, and unbridled fear upon the world. To wake is to be borne again into time. Before, I dreamed a thousand dreams of potential and anguish. Then I awoke, andContinue reading “An eternal unease drifts by and remembers its origin within”

Some mornings

Some mornings I revel in the Word of God, letting his love cover my insufficiencies, doubts, failures, and bitterness. The sun peeks through the clouds in all its brilliance, bathing stale modernity in vivid teeming light. My thoughts do not dwell on the darkness, on a woman, on the bleak future; instead, I find comfortContinue reading “Some mornings”

The Bar

“We all stand on the sad earth throwing long shadows, breath cut with flesh.” — Jack Kerouac, Desolation Angels, ch. 22, end of paragraph two. There are no long shadows in this place though, everything is dark and silhouettes cut the darkness as they writhe and bob back and forth… The songs are bad andContinue reading “The Bar”

A Sunrise

And now for the sunrise itself, the beginning of all things.  A small band of clouds was huddled around impending-dawn. As dawn approached, a small sliver of skyline burst out at the horizon as orange fire seeks escape from its confines. The tops of the clouds shone golden and then increased to a vividness ofContinue reading “A Sunrise”

Source Unending

Think this is it? It’s gonna get fun from here. We haven’t even reached second grade yet. Modern scum. You emptied yourself to be acceptable. I emptied myself to live. I have nothing. You’ve got diminishing returns and a bank account. You are only now becoming dimly aware that it’s all going to end. I’veContinue reading “Source Unending”


If the wind were through the trees, and the sun setting behind, how could I choose the right words, the right spell[-ing], to keep this sentence going forever, both in time and in space. .Here, run the wave back and forth, within and without, above and beneath this sentence. What is it to know somethingContinue reading “Alluvion”

Falling Stars

Get these kids on a steady diet of Roman history. God, what the hell is wrong with this generation? If you want to think and think well, if you want to create in your mind schemes of complex synchronicity and draw others to you in connective tissue of transcendence, just a thought BUT, critical raceContinue reading “Falling Stars”

Millennial Married Men

How would you know reading this that something quite unsettling is slithering through the spaces between unlinked thoughts arising at this very moment. What if the things alluded to, the emotions smothered and reincarnated throughout thousands of years of manipulation were around and abound in your life, in the world around us, in the conversationContinue reading “Millennial Married Men”

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