De-construction, De-mise, De-cay: Pathetic Christian Leaders

The happiness of people is always buttressed by the sorrows of another. This sick artifice must rest on some poor soul who has no happiness. Woe to the happy and joyful, woe to those who are alive and don’t even know what means. What new catchphrase is next? Atheism, Deconstruction, White Privilege. Perhaps a suggestion:Continue reading “De-construction, De-mise, De-cay: Pathetic Christian Leaders”

There is no reconciliation

There is no reconciliation. There is only the sound of others conversing, laughing. Fragments of pain escape when my heart turns in convulsions. Echoes of biased narratives designed to manipulate. Shouting, screaming in joy to show others how happy you are. Sadness, starting in my mind and plunging back down to its source, dragging bitsContinue reading “There is no reconciliation”

Words Expressed and Truth Unknown

Visions of reign feign down upon life, My soul empties Slits of red angular motion, Peak to Peak, I see it all. Whoever wishes, may Whoever dreams, realizes Whoever struggles with the eternal, becomes His purpose in the painful afterglow of life’s first moments. Shimmering doubts light the fire of the will. My soul longsContinue reading “Words Expressed and Truth Unknown”

“Excessive Consciousness is a Disease”– Dostoevsky

To re-create that which is infused with melancholy and charm in a sparsely populated brewery room ravaged by the years of small town living and the recent pandemic would be tricky indeed. Vulnerable chords and gloomy laughter, peaceful sessions of music. The room is lit, not dimly, but not happily. Here it is still natural,Continue reading ““Excessive Consciousness is a Disease”– Dostoevsky”