Rescue us, if you even deign to

The waves foamed white, dazzling and brilliant through an emerging sun.We were made whole again in the brief stillness of spent waves. The water fell back, ready to go again anew.Oh boundless glory, oh Ancient of Days,Oh unending anxiety, presage the end.The Son is eternal, yet sets unceasingly upon furrowed brows.And she is there alwaysContinue reading “Rescue us, if you even deign to”

Time Frozen

Piercing windows,Shattered smells,There is too much glory hereThe greens are dark in front backlit by a brimming and vibrant green redux.Leaves glimmer in the setting lightThey are imbued with an otherworldiness by embers of dying wind. The sun setting in the summer is a time frozen. The light is wild in the western sky andContinue reading “Time Frozen”

In the proper space, time is irrelevant

A little slower, a little grooved out,A little more ready to spend a while in one place,A little more ample opportunity to have the outlines of your hands trace the curves of a sight unseen.To hear the hot breath of a microphone modulated,To smile and not worry for what comes next. Time is stretched outContinue reading “In the proper space, time is irrelevant”

Ignition of Time

We stand in a segment of time that transgresses all other moments. The past is dead and always was. We are alive and think we aren’t. Nostalgia is chain-linked bondage to thoughts remembered. We hope to regain our peace in worlds abandoned, to be safe and secure in tepid stillness. And the sun is settingContinue reading “Ignition of Time”

We all stand on the sad earth

“We all stand on the sad earth, throwing long shadows, breath cut with flesh.”             -Jack Kerouac “Every creature casts a shadow under the sun’s golden finger/ But when the sun sinks past the waving grass/ Some shadows are dragged along”             -The Handsome Family “The Bottomless Hole” I came home again having had theContinue reading “We all stand on the sad earth”