The Next and Final Great American Novel

Below is an excerpt from the latest bestseller Rise up: the Story of our Freedom, an unprecedented novel raining down the waters of social justice upon our parched, wicked land: Mother and son were finally reunited after years of separation. There was much anticipation and hope. Indeed, the bitterness slowly dissolved upon first meeting. WithContinue reading “The Next and Final Great American Novel”

Millennial Married Men

How would you know reading this that something quite unsettling is slithering through the spaces between unlinked thoughts arising at this very moment. What if the things alluded to, the emotions smothered and reincarnated throughout thousands of years of manipulation were around and abound in your life, in the world around us, in the conversationContinue reading “Millennial Married Men”

To erode or not to erode

Let’s discuss the process of erosion. Have you ever witnessed a flash flood or at least a river gorged with water? With strange adamantine sucking and gurgling, huge chunks of earth break off from the banks. They are quickly dissolved into the raging waters which churn and roar. Yet the bedrock, the solid foundation, makesContinue reading “To erode or not to erode”