Ignition of Time

We stand in a segment of time that transgresses all other moments. The past is dead and always was. We are alive and think we aren’t. Nostalgia is chain-linked bondage to thoughts remembered. We hope to regain our peace in worlds abandoned, to be safe and secure in tepid stillness. And the sun is settingContinue reading “Ignition of Time”

We all stand on the sad earth

“We all stand on the sad earth, throwing long shadows, breath cut with flesh.”             -Jack Kerouac “Every creature casts a shadow under the sun’s golden finger/ But when the sun sinks past the waving grass/ Some shadows are dragged along”             -The Handsome Family “The Bottomless Hole” I came home again having had theContinue reading “We all stand on the sad earth”

De-construction, De-mise, De-cay: Pathetic Christian Leaders

The happiness of people is always buttressed by the sorrows of another. This sick artifice must rest on some poor soul who has no happiness. Woe to the happy and joyful, woe to those who are alive and don’t even know what means. What new catchphrase is next? Atheism, Deconstruction, White Privilege. Perhaps a suggestion:Continue reading “De-construction, De-mise, De-cay: Pathetic Christian Leaders”

There is no reconciliation

There is no reconciliation. There is only the sound of others conversing, laughing. Fragments of pain escape when my heart turns in convulsions. Echoes of biased narratives designed to manipulate. Shouting, screaming in joy to show others how happy you are. Sadness, starting in my mind and plunging back down to its source, dragging bitsContinue reading “There is no reconciliation”