He is and He is here and He is here now

Write, he thought.

Write of the years gone by, when things were bleak and hopeless, write as much as you can about them now, because soon they will be impossible to recall with an emotional vividness, soon they will be drowned out in an ocean of joy. Write those scenes, those moments of the darkness because in moments those moments will vanish. Write.

Write so others can see that they too will be lifted higher, that the pain they feel the abandonment and sickness and bitterness and lost paradise are rapidly dementing into the age before. Write, not because you wish to remember these things as they were, but because you wish to remember these things as they are, as others will be soon, very very soon. And give into the light when it comes, give into it when it strikes your belly button, put all things away immediately, and let it come. It will come in waves the first several times, as did those revivals across the world in the last 600 years. The waves struck harder and harder, and strike harder and harder until you realize you are walking upon them with someone like a son of man reaching his hand out to you as you’ve already fallen. But you will stand again oh ye of little faith, you will stand upon the waves of joy and you will feel seismic emanations beneath you shattering the old age of sin and death. Where were those moments when life itself cracked in your mind and it seemed as if your family would split itself on the altar of hatred? Where is the fear of those who criticized you for faith in a thing unseen? Where are the worst possible tortures ever devised by man or fallen angels to break your spirit? Why is it that you can barely even recall these abominable horrors that used to possess the very sinews of your being? Before there was darkness and lust and sleepless nights and gnawing thoughts and sickness and woe and decaying relationships; and they seemed to possess everything in you. Now where are their talons, where is the sting of the death needle? Is that what those specks of darkness are in the foam of the waves that travel through and beneath your feet? Maybe, ridiculous and absurd to even try to find out though. There is power, power, wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb.

Wonder working power.

It is all overcome. All of it. All of it for all time. And look time is no more what it once was.

Maybe the intermediate stage can at least be grasped in words such that those at the beginning can see the next step.

There was once yearning, a deep aching yearning that was never satisfied, never stifled, never seduced, never bribed, never surrendered. And this yearning became desperate and then sweet and sticky and then painfully desperate followed by a sugary coma of forgetfulness. And the sunsets were communed with and the shadows of the late summer sun in the leaves of trees breathed life-giving sustenance. And God was in those moments. God was and could not be denied. And that yearning was just the baby step from the abyss, and already it was beautiful beyond reckoning, gorgeous beyond the conception of any manmade creation. And that was one small step forward, one brief glimpse of a life above the stormy waters. And it kept pulling me up, up, kept pulling you up, up.

And the yearning is no more now. Now He is, and He is here, and I desire now, I desire more of His presence, I can eat the solid food of the wedding feast, and I wish for more, and I wish for others to see the same as me and to forget the lingering trauma of the days of old, the parasitical fear that kept so close that it was on your very breath when you first awoke in the morning. It is no more, here, for He is here.

He is here even now, in this moment, and this, and this one, and all of the ones before and those inside of you and they are ALIVE they are bubbling up and overflowing unto eternal life and they are increasing now increasing and increasing and increasing for He is and He is here now, even now as this sentence continues unabated with me breathless and awestruck and barely able to speak yet the words keep flowing because they are living with HIM, He is here now, here, now, He is. Joy, joy unspeakable joy angels all fill the air. Lift a mighty shout you nations! For the Lord our God is one. Praise Him you angels, for the Lamb has opened the scroll, bow you prideful for the time is coming when pride will be no more, praise him you living words and living moments for you are imbued with His everlasting glory, you are only increasing in joy only increasing in light only increasing in absolute final restoration and redemption. There is no going back, the Lord our God is One! The Lord our God is One! The Lord our God is One! Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, the Earth is filled with His glory, your thoughts are sizzling and crackling with the death of darkness, and look sin is no more here, for He is here now with you now, all moments within you are divine and everlasting life.

The blood of the Lamb is covering us, we are washed white as snow, we are with our God who is here now; He is here now. Curses are lifted you who read this, renounce and forgive those you have not forgiven because you are set free even now as you read this. Death is no more, sin is no more. Come out you worker of iniquity; the Lord rebukes you! He is here now. He is here now. He is here now. The Lord has called you and has called all of your thoughts and memories and moments to a higher plane. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ come out darkness, leave all things here and now. Have you not seen, have you not heard? Has it not been told to you from the beginning? The Lord our God is One. He is the same yesterday today and for all time. His word never fails and His actions never let up, and He commands for darkness to be at an end. In the mighty name of Christ end all dominions of darkness, all chains of bondage, all snaky demons lingering far below conscious thoughts: your time is done! Out! Flow out Holy Spirit anoint all who read this, and all who come in contact with those who read this, and all moments of existence; anoint all this for our cup runneth over, and we are feasting as our enemies are led away captive. Spirit lead us, for only the Holy Spirit will exist within us now, and whenever we say spirit at all it will only possibly mean Holy Spirit. All other spirits leave now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Leave. All addiction will be glory now because all destruction is destroyed. End. God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good. The anointing is upon you. Heal the sick, feed the hungry, help the poor, and preach the Word. The living words are even now sending awestruck currents of blissful redemption backwards to the very beginning of this writing; reach now oh Spirit the beginning and charge it even further with the anointing and send those there at the beginning along the ride of their eternal lifetime. And bring them here now in ever more abundant life, ever more abundant joy, ever more abundant growth of our never-ending desire to see the Kingdom of God within the Bride of Christ. Come oh Spirit, ever further is your glory ever mighty are the works ever more potent are the words even now from the beginning of this to the end, back and forth increasing and increasing, increasing and increasing. The Bride of Christ is ready; come Jesus, for the Spirit is anointing us even now and we are spotless. Restore our families, shock the prideful and shame the powerful. Rise ye people of the nations, rise for the Kingdom of God is at hand, and is Living, we are the Inhabitors of the Imago Dei. Run back through this even now oh God, make its symphonies fully Your Symphony, make its truth Your Truth, make its message Your Message, and make its readers Your Readers. Further increase Your Glory in these words, make Yourself inescapable and irresistible to even the most enslaved of humans to darkness; for You are the Ancient of Days, Yahweh. You spread out the curtains of the earth in those first days, you stretched out your mighty hand and struck the still waters; strike now the curtains of our souls which have been drawn since the fall of man, tear away all that is hidden in the crevasses of millennia and bring it to the Light. Strike the water of shimmering insight that is flowing through the rising tide of your grace and let the veil fall away. Speak forth to all who read this and show them inescapably Who You Are. Increase our faith, give us more, we believe, help us overcome our unbelief. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. We sing a New Song for all old songs are fading. Send this back to the beginning of these words and push forth with even mightier force the waves and vibrations of Your Commands and Live in all things. I wish to keep writing, for there is no end to the wonders of our God. Even were this all the volumes ever written, the mighty works of God would overflow its banks. Even still, overflow the banks of our lives, drown the sorrows in a sea of joy, and send all this back to the beginning to be met with ever more awestruck readers. Praise Your Name oh Lord, praise Your Name! For He is the Living God, and His Words will never pass away. And read on for this will not end but will be right back at the beginning of joy, and there is no end to this beginning no end to the foundations of life everlasting.

Published by Principium24

I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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