Blessed are those who wash their robes

There was an almighty roar of chaos, and the dragon struggled mightily against its chains. Mountains fled and men hid, and still the man fought mightily against his demons, growing stronger and stronger as the name of Christ reverberated from his lips throughout the abyss. And at the crescendo of chaos, somehow a small still quiet breeze flowed through, and the quieted atmosphere sparkled with divine electricity.

Behold, He said, I am making All things New; out of death springs life for I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Your sins are forgiven, the man heard through effervescent tsunamis of lightninged joy. Read my Word. Obey me. Yes the man said, laughing ecstatically in a way he had never laughed before, through overwhelming floods of hope and peace. Pulsing waves of laughter met riptides of joy– each ensuing wave was bigger than the last and far too much for him to endure. Yet after each passed he felt the next coming and laughed in utter freedom, laughed beyond all measure of things forgotten, beyond any negatives, beyond the world itself. There was nothing but the utter joy of the Now-Wave and the giddy anticipation of the currents of the next and the past sifting together into a brief moment of pure unadulterated laughter. It struck again and again, struck in awe-inspiring convulsions that struck the belly first and de-planed the straight line of his body into a tip of a spear pointing down into the underworld. And it was unbearably glorious, even now it continued and struck meteoric into the souls of man, rendering the age of the Dinosaurs—the age of reason—extinct. Tingling, it came again, and again, healing light and blissful joy, wonderful heat, and searing love; again, and again. And he yelled in adoration at the Maker of all things new, and knew he could bear it more so; and more came, striking the life giving force of his gestation in the womb, and reanimating all that had died through corruption, reanimating it through love and light such that the corruption could never be let back in. Doors were opened that could never be shut, and other doors closed that the man had long given up hope on shutting; they were never opened again. And how was he still laughing  even harder now? How was he even more slain by the glory of it all than he had been a second before? And how could he even bear more of it, much less crave its deepening and widening of all new existence? And it came, again, an almighty punch to the gut that left no negative effects. And still he was laughing, waves after waves lapping against a shore of the future Kingdom; and he couldn’t believe it, and yet his faith carried him through his unbelief into atomic explosions of everlasting joy. And still it came. Everlasting electricity coursed down to his toes and up to his mind, and he worshipped in spirit and truth and received the Word of the Lord, and felt his feet singed with the joyful anticipation of the beauty of the feet equipped to bring good news, and he listened and believed and did not doubt, indeed now could not doubt for there was little darkness left in him only those stunned into helpless captivity by the emanations of the divine, emanations of the coming judgment upon all.

Read my Word.

Yes, Lord.

Obey my Word.

Yes, Lord.

Feed my Sheep.

Yes Lord.

And the outro was even more magnificent, themes from the first lightning strikes returned in new ways of unimaginable harmony and joyful resonance, amplified beyond the horizon of the language embedded within time. And still he soared, still he climbed the Holy Mountain despite being continually slain by the debris of the irruption of the primeval Oneness of Him who Was then, Who Is now, and Who is to come. And still the strikes came, still his laughter echoed through the walls of the holy temple of God which was his body as well somehow. It was all becoming a bit too much and yet he climbed for more sought for more. And there will be no more pain, no more death for it was conquered, and darkness ever-sliding has lost its foothold and stumbles downwards to its extinction, and all tears are wiped away and new tears are formed, tears of utter holy water, tears formed from the laughter of a man unbent by decay, a man different, and a [man] New.

Published by Principium24

I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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