Conjoined Immemorial

Alchemy is the magnetic manipulation of ideas to serve a greater purpose. Greater purposes are a duality: good or evil.

This stonegold hatred is growing, pulsing, throbbing in others of me. Let me hope that fifty years from now humanity will not look back in horror at the blindness of a darkened mass hysteria.
I’ll see out my days here, watching the future flow between my feet and on out into the ocean of eternity. And I’ll hate no one, no matter the crime. And I’ll love life no matter its hardships of dreary absent boredom.

Where would I want to begin…

In the middle of a cold bright sanguine day I sat amongst the pigeons. Warming my hands against my breath, I took in the setting scenery.

But it was coming to an end already. Shoot I thought there was more time, there was more laughter and jokes and mockery and sex and sleep. But something was swirling beneath me, something of ancient dna shaking and quivering in ecstatic dominion of those fallen.

Sin, pain, wealth, gain, dissolution, control, power, pain


Something had occurred a moment ago which trickled uneasily down his spine, tugging at the few remaining solid threads of his existence.

Yes, you can have the refund, it looks like the computer finally started working.

Sweat formed at his temples as his smile became more strained.

Okay, yes have a good day and thanks for your patience!

Jagged shards of vision saw off that moment, and he sat on his stool letting the slight breeze cool his existential angst. The pigeons from the town square a ways off flew spiralling upwards and became the wind at the beginning of time.

And the joy you see is the goodness within you.
I could, I might.
We were all children once.
See and behold; wonder and believe.

Published by Principium24

I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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