If the wind were through the trees, and the sun setting behind, how could I choose the right words, the right spell[-ing], to keep this sentence going forever, both in time and in space.

.Here, run the wave back and forth, within and without, above and beneath this sentence.

What is it to know something as the truth when all you are is a lie.

Prickly sweet and icy; empty yet desired in times such as these. I just need to not be for a bit.

Be the one and ride the equations to a most glorious climax.

What is more vital to your life. To do things literally or to do them symbolically?
Symbols are that which contains the knowledge that transcends language.

The divine will of God shall be known again in the eyes of the child. And we shall inherit the earth in all its filthy glory, and we shall pass it, filthy or not, onto those after us, those who saw the divine will in all things and yet grew to know certainty; in that certainty we knew only dread, dread of the shadows in the past, dreadful panic at the dissociation of an integrated present whole, and yawning stark shame at what is to come. We shall know in ourselves joy, and it will asphyxiate in our attempts to pluck it from the soil of time.

People, more often than not, are mental and emotional cripples. They voluntarily remain this way. They excise everything from their way of life that could make them bold and raw and dangerous and alive. Their cookie-cutter ideology provides them respite from both the dark abyss yawning between them and transcendence and protection from the mob which grows as the strength of the individual is diminished. And somewhere in the deep recesses of memories of childhood lies joy, naked, unadulterated, motioning to us to step out of the boat and sink or risk it all to walk upon water.

Published by Principium24

I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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