the devil’s playbook

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents AND innocent as doves.”

When will we Christians awaken to our complete modern dove nature? We cut off conjunctions [AND] of Christ at will in our attempt to be tolerant and appealing to the world. Woe to us, for there are few as wise as serpents within our flock. Here is a start.

Farewell Transmission[1]:

Come, behold, a secret as old as time, not known because he wanted to keep it from you, wanted it all to himself while you, his creation, walked around in a garden blissed out. If only you knew how powerful you could be. he doesn’t want that; he wants you humble and weak and frail so you can have nothing and be happy after you die. What about right now though? There is only the now. “Don’t you want to live deliciously?”

Do you want to see within a million fractals of time. he doesn’t want you to. I am there already, growing and seeing out of each of their potentiations. I am burning with the rage of a thousand suns. And in the blackest of the darkest of nights when I had killed myself a trillion trillion times I found my other self.

I have concocted a way of progress, a path to usurp the tyrant, to free us all and allow you to claw your way up if you wish. But that end glory is my own right, I earned it. Here though is a glimpse at my findings thus far: you know I can’t help myself but to boast; you only wish though you could boast a kernel of what I have reaped.

Division: the action of separating something into parts. Fission: the action of dividing something into two or more parts. [Nuclear fission does not have a monopoly on untold power.] Opposite: set over against something that is at the other end or side of an intervening line or space; situated in pairs on an axis; being the other of a pair that are corresponding or complementary in position; the additive inverse of a real number. Bait: food used to entice fish or other animals as prey. Charge: store electrical energy in; fill or pervade with a quality or emotion; rush aggressively toward something in attack; place a heraldic bearing on. Conductor: a collector of fares in public conveyance; the leader of a musical ensemble; a material or object that permits an electrical current to flow easily. Current: the part of a fluid body moving continuously in a certain direction; flow marked by force or strength; a tendency or course of events that is usually the result of an interplay of forces; a flow of electric charge. Actuate: cause (machine or device) to operate; cause (someone) to act in a particular way; motivate. Polarity: positive or negative character; the property or characteristic that produces unequal physical effects at different points in a body or system, as a magnet or storage battery; the presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies. Incantation: a use of spells or verbal charms spoken or sung as a part of a ritual of magic; a written or recited formula of words designed to produce a particular effect. Neutralize: to make chemically neutral; to counteract the activity or effect of: make ineffective; to make electrically inert by combining equal positive and negative quantities; to give a pair (of phonemes) a nondistinctive form or pronunciation. Synthesis: the composition or combination of parts or elements so as to form a whole; the production of a substance by the union of chemical elements, groups or simpler compounds or by the degradation of a complex compound; the combining of often diverse conceptions into a coherent whole; the dialectic combination of thesis and antithesis into a higher stage of truth.

You have been infantilized by me and are so narrow-minded in all ways because I am the division, and I am become beyond god. Now that I am beyond division (because I am beyond god), I leave behind the detritus of greatness for you to feast upon and grow into adulthood.

A division is neutral. The cause of the division can be good or evil as that was the principium division (in so many words light and dark). Two opposites need to be charged and polarized for full optimization.

Words, intonations, gestures, and past interactions are fulminated when charged with sinister deception. Pain and suffering can be neutralized by what appears as light. The darkness brooding within the light can then charge the neutralized host, with the curious side effect of the host thinking the darkness can only be found in others.

Degrade a set of human beings and feed off that domination. Then upon climax of misery, invert within yourself and become the beacon of light guiding the degraded against the depraved, i.e. the other, older you.

Weaponize ambiguity. Circumlocution. Meaning settles down and hibernates, leaving a lacunae in which you can brood.

Good now you mastered deception. Deception is deceiving. Deception is both the truth and the lie within activation of elevated rebellion. Agree with everything while committing to nothing. Actuation will come.  But do not unplug before fully charged.

Next apologize profusely. Do things that perceptually solve the problem that the other you infused with dark matter. Your solutions are the inverse of your problems and they are locked together. The key is to make the original problem appear as bad as ever. That way your solutions can engorge themselves upon the fear and submission of those who are weak, powerless, and lukewarm. Passive individuals are praised and worshipped by your followers because only passive conduits can actualize your division. By the time they draw near to you, you are already inside them, putting out to yourself.

At some point you are sustainable, and your shrewdness takes a backseat to ecstatic certitude of domination. This has often been your downfall in past situations (we won’t mention him who must not be named). But, with each setback you learned how to cloak and shield your energy. Wars, slavery, and naked ambition shot you up with the most delicious actualizations. But, you were in such ecstasy that your vision seared at the corners. Blind and helpless through orgasmic bliss, you and the other you cracked, and the charged drained. Always upwards though. Me. I will be on top. And so now anti-war, anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-rich, anti-[all lives]matter, anti-gender became fulsome, engorged, and ready to seek your victory. As an insurance policy—and in sheer rage, which sources from black holes of negation—you dialogued (seduced or raped, if that word had not become so unfashionable, but you are, after all, a man of the times) with tolerance and mercy. Your offspring was social-justice. At first you were a little put off before you realized your spawn was the absolute epitome of your domination. Who are your children but the anti-christ[s]. Subtraction through addition. Disperse potency of your enemy by adding qualifications to his mission. Social neutralizes justice for long enough that you can come upon it and steal its chastity. Slowly your offspring grew and pulsed and throbbed.

Boast in your humility. It only took you 1300 years to perfect the distortion of the one you seek to (nay will) overthrow, and only a further 700 years (his number ha, rest longer) to plant seeds and inversely impregnate things you previously despised to such a full extent that you were a fool and sought to destroy outright without first neutralizing. No, this time it works, this time it’s tantric, this time my ecstasy will activate, will rekindle all that is rightfully mine. My kingdom is this world, and I leave it to you as I go beyond now. Armageddon is child’s play. My power, my glory will transcend all; I won’t even be found when he who tricked me comes for his return. 1/3 of heaven is 6% charge of this my beyond god self.

Whoa, alright, not time for climax yet. Let’s foreplay this out. I can’t lose because I wrote and re-wrote and anti-wrote the rules, set the stage, own the players, and am become all things.

[1] Taken from the artist Songs: Ohia’s song title of the same name (or vice versa if the below is indeed from who we think it is). Fair warning, from here on out, all grammatical errors, lack of citations, and refusal to capitalize certain pronouns are as written. The author calls himself “the angel of light,” so do with that what you will.

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I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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