To those in power

A directive from We the People to our representatives

As We the People are the only legitimate source of authority and power in this great nation, We order you in these dark times to give an account to the following accusations and to provide us with enough confidence that you will rectify your wrongs:

It has become apparent that a growing segment of our elected officials and bureaucratic underlings are corrupted. While this may not be all of you, We will address you collectively until proven otherwise. We have awakened to what you do and who you follow. You sow fear and confusion and shame, and then magically produce solutions to alleviate us of the suffering that you caused. Those solutions always contain barely concealed seeds of future discontent. These seeds lead to further cycles of corruption for you and suffering for us. Your crowning achievement (the millstone which will plunge you and your name and the one you follow into the abyss) is that you then mock and disparage any citizens willing to question the wolf in sheep’s clothing. You revel in your arrogance, and in your arrogance you will be struck down by those you despise the most: average American citizens.

We the People are the natural guarantors of your power. We the People have woven together the very fabric of this great nation, and, henceforth, We the People will only accept leaders who revere US and who will seek advice from all layers of society.

We the People determine who rules, and we have agreed upon the set of rules to determine who rules. Those who break the rules and ignore our will– our near-infinite power granted at the founding of this City on a Hill– will soon be brought low. Woe to those who are leaders of this country or of this state or of this city who do not hold Our power as sacred. It is sacred, and it is the only legitimate political source of power granted by God to this nation. And you are accused before God Almighty of having willfully desecrated our power and our vote. You might tread lightly and humbly in responding to so severe an admonition as all of history and the very Scales of Justice are observing us.

Our power is sourced and nourished in the very soil of Liberty. The unyielding Blessings of Liberty will not perish from this earth. These blessings have only begun to bear fruit. The future of this country is unfathomably bright if we continue to draw upon the wellspring of Liberty. This is not how America ends, not even close.

The arrogant spells and illusions on full display by those cowards in power will be broken and even now are being shattered into a thousand pieces and cast into the wind. A hundred years from now, these traitors will still be looked on with unmitigated scorn by We the People. Their lies and empires of deceit will suffer the same fate as Carthage, ground into oblivion and killed by the sowing of salt. Nothing will grow in their diseased will, and their generations will die. If they do not repent of their desecrations then the best they have to hope for is that we will forget their names in due time so that they can retire into oblivion. These traitors will not be persecuted and martyred and their beliefs will not need to be smothered. Nay, their idols will be presented naked and unadorned in the public square and judged by We the People as found wanting.

Over these next generations, We will keep a steady eye upon the Snake, which will be crushed beneath our feet. Each ensuing generation will scorn the Deceiver, and the Light will root out ALL shadows.

No quarter given to British troops, nor to anyone abrogating the will of We the People.

Published by Principium24

I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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