The Politics of the Good (An Exploration 1.a)

Politics is neither agreement nor compromise; it is instead the struggle for the good.

If we meet in the middle then no one is really satisfied; if we achieve even a fraction of the good though, then the dividends redound through the generations. There is no longer any compromising your values nor achieving power at all costs; there is now, instead, if we wish it, agreements on the best path forward, on baby steps in the advance of the good and in constant re-evaluation.

Everything seems to have been corrupted (co-opted) in record time; in times like these, we must be prepared to look for an anchor with which to hold steady until the winds die down. Words matter, and only some words will stand the test of time. Hence, the good is our light in this dark time; the good will guide us through this tumultuous moment in which so many other civilizations have collapsed. We are not yet done with this American experiment; this is not how this country ends. This country will end in the future glimpse of our great-great-great grandchildren; this country will not be but a distant memory in the mind of our elderly children.

A theory of politics is only as good as its reflection of the world. And the world is imperfect; it is flawed because we are flawed. Theories of politics usually center around politics as it should be and politics as it is. But theories must be conceptualized as tools if they are to give us any lasting weight: a tool to build and not to destroy; a tool to elevate and not flatten. But we still have not reached to proper conception of a theory translated upon perception. Perhaps a theory can best be thought of as a magnetic field. It draws in that which is attracted to it and repels to darkness that which is its opposite. What, though, if a theory’s opposite is that which can shade in the gaping holes of ignorance that grow in any theory over time? How then can a theory be dynamic, how can it bridge the abyss between is and ought? Perhaps we spend too much effort on conceiving of the perfect bridge between the is and the ought and instead spend little time describing the energy that exists in between.

This theory is a compass, a guide that continually reorients us towards the good through the magnetic power of an uncorrupted word.

This is only the beginning of the mystical politics of the good.

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I want to write, as millions have before me. And I want to know what it is to be human, as few have before me.

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