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Ignition of Time

This is 40

How many times now have you recited the same dialogue with your family, a vestigial reference to an organic moment of joy with them from ages past. Now though, this dialogue keeps the demons at bay, keeps it all from spilling forth because you don’t even know what will spill forth, but whatever it is,Continue reading “This is 40”

Split atoms

God’s benevolence is receding from the world as darkness envelopes it. Taboos are cloaking devices; things which slither and whisper and pry further open the abyss are hidden behind shimmering beams of passivity. There is no passivity in the wild evening sunlit air though: more astonishment, incomprehensible things which strike me dead in their fullness,Continue reading “Split atoms”

Blessed are you

You are a human, an imago dei; do you not know the glory in store for you? Don’t stop in nature and in life with trivial temporal mother earth. Pause and think for a moment, though, how majestic is that plateau. And then begin the perception of the Creator of the heavens and earth whoContinue reading “Blessed are you”

My God, Light

All of them, infinite leaves in shimmering green, move and lift and settle with the eastern September wind. And the light, my God the light of the setting sun against shimmering, wavy branched leaves. It sets me beyond language beyond time beyond doubt beyond pain beyond worry and shame, into a bliss of unending fortune.Continue reading “My God, Light”

Conjoined Immemorial

Alchemy is the magnetic manipulation of ideas to serve a greater purpose. Greater purposes are a duality: good or evil. This stonegold hatred is growing, pulsing, throbbing in others of me. Let me hope that fifty years from now humanity will not look back in horror at the blindness of a darkened mass hysteria.I’ll seeContinue reading “Conjoined Immemorial”


The creek bed has been cut off from its source; the wheel is turning; the light is shining; there is no hiding place for those exposing themselves. The well has run dry for entertainers, those who sold their souls. They all got a taste of sweet nothingness and were worshipped but for a short time. But itContinue reading “Lifeflow”

A storm coming

… And the bird emerged out of a shallow darkness, lit brilliantly by a flashing sun, before dipping below the next shaft of wind. The storm shimmered the spaces in front of me; the air crackled while the breezes of yesterday fell off to the north. Waves of energy, pools of light, my body wasContinue reading “A storm coming”


The waves were churning in white moonlight. They broke unevenly upon the shore and receded. My body was there on dry land yet my dream was above or within the water, the chaos. And I woke, my stomach churning, my will unable to rise upon the surface and face the day as a normal personContinue reading “Descent”

Time Frozen

Piercing windows,Shattered smells,There is too much glory hereThe greens are dark in front backlit by a brimming and vibrant green redux.Leaves glimmer in the setting lightThey are imbued with an otherworldiness by embers of dying wind. The sun setting in the summer is a time frozen. The light is wild in the western sky andContinue reading “Time Frozen”

Ignition of Time

We stand in a segment of time that transgresses all other moments. The past is dead and always was. We are alive and think we aren’t. Nostalgia is chain-linked bondage to thoughts remembered. We hope to regain our peace in worlds abandoned, to be safe and secure in tepid stillness. And the sun is settingContinue reading “Ignition of Time”

False start

Right now all it seems to be is past writings, nothing new is taking shape to flow in sparkling water on crystal pages. The sentences are disjointed and I am nothing but writers block and past glory.

Cry and break free

Words, spat out or treasured and adored, All, nevertheless, spill out when the discontents of my life tip over into the conscious. Words adorn this page as clothes adorn the psychotic, a bit misplaced, slightly jagged and with a bit too much consciousness. There is only now. But the now is always on some levelContinue reading “Cry and break free”


This is a most wearisome age.A few drops here, a few thereAnd the night fissionsShadows start their ascent to the surface.Coalescing, apparitions of forms,Here they come again aware of their despair.The roses lay around the burning bush, their beauty ferments and that’s all I see, barefooted or not.The pagan mind lurks among the curb-stomped abortedContinue reading “Angel”

Change Eternal

Between the tufts of beach shrubbery, our campsite took place. Three tents, all a hundred yards from the beach. The narrow path to the beach winds up the dunes. It is overrun with burs and vegetation so I wear sandals to the halfway point. Here the pure sand takes over and I ditch my sandals.Continue reading “Change Eternal”

We all stand on the sad earth

“We all stand on the sad earth, throwing long shadows, breath cut with flesh.”             -Jack Kerouac “Every creature casts a shadow under the sun’s golden finger/ But when the sun sinks past the waving grass/ Some shadows are dragged along”             -The Handsome Family “The Bottomless Hole” I came home again having had theContinue reading “We all stand on the sad earth”


I do not want to write words that describe emotion; I want instead words that are emotion. I do not want to describe what I’m doing; I want writing to be what I’m doing. Here, I am not interested in well-constructed arguments or syllogisms. Instead, what is it that burns within you, that kindles uponContinue reading “Genesis”

Home Less

The rust was a dead meteor emblazoned into the sidewalk. It passed by and I kept walking. In God there was no evil. Now I look to my left and soles of feet peer back at me, their owner lying face down under rags. Those soles move infant-like back and forth, knowing not their creator.Continue reading “Home Less”

There is no reconciliation

There is no reconciliation. There is only the sound of others conversing, laughing. Fragments of pain escape when my heart turns in convulsions. Echoes of biased narratives designed to manipulate. Shouting, screaming in joy to show others how happy you are. Sadness, starting in my mind and plunging back down to its source, dragging bitsContinue reading “There is no reconciliation”

Sunrise Redux

Sunrise, when prepared for, always takes an eternity. The sky warms for what feels like ages. In this time, two options spring forth: either the horizon changes almost imperceptibly quickly or the mind, unhinged with anticipation, creates in the yet unborn new day a depth hitherto unknown. The lifeguard stand a perfect vantage point. Waiting,Continue reading “Sunrise Redux”


What a weird world I live in, a weird reality I create and inhabit. I dwell amongst my perceptions yet they know me not. Unease filters like icy water down my spine. Faint wisps of that which is missing drift through the trees.  The sun, long obscured now, hung distant beneath the clouds. Many forgottenContinue reading “Unmoored”

New Hollywood

Of all the new artists of worth, those who will last and will be played into the second half of this century, none wish to be Hollywood, none wish to pursue the path to fraudom. The siren song has lost its luster; something new is coming. The old is passing away, even if it isContinue reading “New Hollywood”

Passing Through

Ridged with depth and light, the clouds cut off the sun, its last rays shooting off, vivid, angular, frantic. Soon darkness would erase texture, and the moment would melt. But that’s later, you are here with me now, no wishing needed. Each cloud was well-defined, as it should be: some glowing with light, some wereContinue reading “Passing Through”

Source Unending

Think this is it? It’s gonna get fun from here. We haven’t even reached second grade yet. Modern scum. You emptied yourself to be acceptable. I emptied myself to live. I have nothing. You’ve got diminishing returns and a bank account. You are only now becoming dimly aware that it’s all going to end. I’veContinue reading “Source Unending”

Falling Stars

Get these kids on a steady diet of Roman history. God, what the hell is wrong with this generation? If you want to think and think well, if you want to create in your mind schemes of complex synchronicity and draw others to you in connective tissue of transcendence, just a thought BUT, critical raceContinue reading “Falling Stars”


If the wind were through the trees, and the sun setting behind, how could I choose the right words, the right spell[-ing], to keep this sentence going forever, both in time and in space. .Here, run the wave back and forth, within and without, above and beneath this sentence. What is it to know somethingContinue reading “Alluvion”

Millennial Married Men

How would you know reading this that something quite unsettling is slithering through the spaces between unlinked thoughts arising at this very moment. What if the things alluded to, the emotions smothered and reincarnated throughout thousands of years of manipulation were around and abound in your life, in the world around us, in the conversationContinue reading “Millennial Married Men”

the devil’s playbook

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents AND innocent as doves.” When will we Christians awaken to our complete modern dove nature? We cut off conjunctions [AND] of Christ at will in our attempt to be tolerant and appealing to the world. Woe to us,Continue reading “the devil’s playbook”


What is it like to come of age in a society and a culture that is already dead? Could the rotting corpse in which you grew up be more palatable and soothing even if you became aware of what a corpse is? Here is a time and a history in which the people live offContinue reading “Bare”

Mid-December Musings

How about the beach in the winter? The morning with the sun slanting its way across your brow; your shadows angle off to the ground as the cold breeze singes your nose. The waves crash and the birds fly and there is nothing else in that moment, nothing else which is needed for the mindContinue reading “Mid-December Musings”

A Sunrise

And now for the sunrise itself, the beginning of all things.  A small band of clouds was huddled around impending-dawn. As dawn approached, a small sliver of skyline burst out at the horizon as orange fire seeks escape from its confines. The tops of the clouds shone golden and then increased to a vividness ofContinue reading “A Sunrise”

Cape Point Review

Cape Point, Hatteras: Land of falling stars, blowing sands; where the rising sun is seen along the passing of the tides to its setting. East meets West from one point of view. The South beach entrance is a hike by foot, and the beach itself is bookended by cars jettisoning out into the sea. ThisContinue reading “Cape Point Review”

To those in power

A directive from We the People to our representatives As We the People are the only legitimate source of authority and power in this great nation, We order you in these dark times to give an account to the following accusations and to provide us with enough confidence that you will rectify your wrongs: ItContinue reading “To those in power”

Means and End

Be suspicious of ANY reasoning, no matter how convincing, that concludes with the continuation and maintenance of servitude, prison-like modalities of thought, or any process meant to demoralize. The means do not justify the end, and the end does not justify the means unless BOTH aim at the Good. And the Good is the GoodContinue reading “Means and End”

The lie

As an elected official, to lie to We the People is treason. To lie at all is treason before the Almighty God. And the lie became truth and dwelt among us. Which is it: Shall the Word dwell among and within us or shall the lie further poison existence itself? The Word is the antidoteContinue reading “The lie”

American Patriot

There are of course many facets to this new movement, but here is the longest lasting and most threatening to the elites: Those of us (mainly young but certainly can be any age) who have grown up and matured during this new millennium, and who perhaps are neither wealthy nor famous nor cookie-cutter personas. WeContinue reading “American Patriot”

To erode or not to erode

Let’s discuss the process of erosion. Have you ever witnessed a flash flood or at least a river gorged with water? With strange adamantine sucking and gurgling, huge chunks of earth break off from the banks. They are quickly dissolved into the raging waters which churn and roar. Yet the bedrock, the solid foundation, makesContinue reading “To erode or not to erode”

The Word

“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.” These words, mere sounds and syllables in the mouth, are weighty beyond human reckoning. Place them upon your existence, and they will, due to their weightiness, penetrate your fleshly desires; your material cravings will collapse in on themselves like the house ofContinue reading “The Word”


Images from childhood keep flashing forth, brief and unadulterated; they are connected to our primordial melancholy—that which was once perfect now tinged irrevocably with doubt and despair. The marsh of the Denbigh River in all its filthy glory fills my nostrils. The river, winding in steep curves back and forth, goes out of its wayContinue reading “Imaged”

Some mornings

Some mornings I revel in the Word of God, letting his love cover my insufficiencies, doubts, failures, and bitterness. The sun peeks through the clouds in all its brilliance, bathing stale modernity in vivid teeming light. My thoughts do not dwell on the darkness, on a woman, on the bleak future; instead, I find comfortContinue reading “Some mornings”


Clean, pure, and unique, they fall, floating upon currents and descending some predetermined path. Above me, the trees sway as gusts of wind move through. Some melt, cold, upon my face, their properties in this reality changing rapidly, molecules separating for no other reason but that this is the way it was and is; hydrogenContinue reading “Snow”

Ghost in Ghent

“And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light; and they shall reign for ever and ever.” Revelations 22:5 KJV In those days, reality was raw and pure. The now was both too much and not enough all at once.Continue reading “Ghost in Ghent”

Descending the mountain

It is an otherworldly afternoon. Raindrops of light filter slowly through the leaves, then their beams angle straight down upon the earth illuminating one small piece of forest; each ray casts an aura of eternity and all-encompassing beauty upon the world … As I continue along the trail, my body in motion but my soulContinue reading “Descending the mountain”

An eternal unease drifts by and remembers its origin within

The mind, the mind is powerful. They are drunk with the power their own narratives afford them. And heaving, man vomits his unquenchable desires, uncertain love, and unbridled fear upon the world. To wake is to be borne again into time. Before, I dreamed a thousand dreams of potential and anguish. Then I awoke, andContinue reading “An eternal unease drifts by and remembers its origin within”

The Median

He stood, an old man draped in weighty years of pain, sagging against a speed limit pole, itself draped in the flowers and messages of a forlorn mother whose son has negated his life through tipsy joyriding. The man knew this not though and the grieving mother knew not the old man. Both were againstContinue reading “The Median”

The Bar

“We all stand on the sad earth throwing long shadows, breath cut with flesh.” — Jack Kerouac, Desolation Angels, ch. 22, end of paragraph two. There are no long shadows in this place though, everything is dark and silhouettes cut the darkness as they writhe and bob back and forth… The songs are bad andContinue reading “The Bar”


From the ashes of a shattered beginning, something good can, something good simply must grow. For what other option is there to believe? All will be revealed and the battle has already been won; why are we segmenting ourselves off into abysses of hesitation, cul-de-sacs of intellectual obfuscation and shallow aboveground pools of material wealth.Continue reading “Phoenix”

The Insane

People love to scoff and feign empathy for those who speak out of turn and may even be slightly off or “going through a mental episode.” But why the fear and disdain. The person may be experiencing all of eternity at once, and that would be enough for anyone to go crazy. Give me thatContinue reading “The Insane”

Dead Religion

We are all infinitely wise and incredibly foolish. The wickedness increased upon Earth is often a direct reflection of the wickedness hidden within the shadow of my soul, with the shadow of your soul. My shame bears my soul to pieces, while life is Cained out of me. Prologue I think that we shall allContinue reading “Dead Religion”

Rise Anew

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Just remember, though, Jacob wrestled the angel, and the angel was overcome. We Americans are in many ways a collection of fools.Fools to believe that a government by the people for the people and of the people should NEVER perish from this earth;fools to believe that allContinue reading “Rise Anew”